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Hello Everyone,


It’s been a very eventful week. Here are a few things that got resolved.


  1. File size has been updated to allow bigger pictures to be uploaded to the website.

  2. E-mails are now showing as safe. Still marked as spam but that will come in time until all big players recognize us not as spam.

  3. The Virtual Garage Location drop down menu is now operational. We have added this to the Business Directory and the Event Page.


Things that have been changed or added:


  1. We have added the business directory. 

  2. Added in the subscriptions so people that own a store can now automatically use the 50$ a year link to automatically upgrade their account to Store Owner Status. This is an initial savings deal. All businesses that agreed to this subscription will only have it to renew every year at 50$. Your price will not go up as a thank you for helping us out at the beginning.

  3. Added in the News Section. Now any Registered member can submit their own story for approval by an editor.

  4. We have welcomed Tanja Ingram-Paquette as our first Editor. 

  5. Have made it so that items placed in the stores listings will appear in the virtual garage. This will change in the future when the virtual garage becomes populated.

  6. We became a member of the Kapuskasing Chamber of Commerce.


Things we are looking to do in the future:


  1. There isn’t a location sorter on the news section this is because we will be looking to have 1 drop down menu that will affect the whole website. This will be located in the menu bar.

  2. Revamping the Business page Directory so that businesses will be able to add more information to help promote their store.

  3. Add in a referral program to have residual payments as long as the referred store owner stays a valid customer.


As we look ahead there will be good days and bad days.

Please contact us with any questions, concerns, and/or suggestions you might have for this community website.



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